Six More Weeks of Winter, Please

Six More Weeks of Winter, Please 

Punxsutawney Phil fears his shadow
As much as I do but every winter
Morning is Groundhog Day for me.

I don’t know how to accept
My naked body but I know
Which fashions to wear this season.

Even though I shatter the mirrors
In my house, my silhouette stubbornly
Decides I occupy too much space.

Magazines teach me to squeeze
My contours into smaller shapes
Than Russian nesting dolls.

But I could be smaller. I donate leftover
Meals to friends and strangers.

One day I’ll make Barbie proud.

I avoid public places after ice storms
Because the world becomes a runway
With many cameras, broadcasting full body
Shots of my reflection to heaven.

God isn’t allowed to see my physique yet.
I’m not lean enough for the spring thaw

By Christian Sammartino


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