My Voice

I’ve always been very shy and soft spoken. Often times, I let my voice blend into the background noise of the world. I also have a tendency to fall into silence and allow others to speak over me and forget the power of my voice. This series of small lines is a collection that attempts to describe and capture the range of my voice. This is my way of claiming a space for my voice in this world.

My voice: a colony of bees awakening from winter hibernation.

My voice: a fish thrashing in the water after the hook enters its mouth.

My Voice: My voice: the idling engine of a pickup truck.

My voice: molasses dripping out of the jar

My voice: caution tape fluttering in the wind.

My Voice: the silence after the church bell stops ringing.

My voice: when the space between thunderclaps grows larger and you know the storm is moving away from your home.